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You've lost your friends at a festival, and it's starting to storm. The lights have gone out, nobody's there, and nobody knows what will happen... Except you, because you're Lit. Our mission is to shine a light on the darkness.

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TailBliss Hero

Iterations, Insights, and Ingenuity

I invite you to witness our imperfections, so that we may travel together towards Excellence.


The Lights - Design Process for the Dual-Sided SK6812 RGBW lights that I designed, and had manufactured last year, and the incredible amount of work that goes into making something Good.

Ryan Horricks

Ryan Horricks

17 min read

A story of 6 Powerful Iterations. Features Li-Po Batteries, the TP4056 charger, Mosfets, Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors, and a Switch.

Ryan Horricks

Ryan Horricks

15 min read

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